Tangle me Not


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No need to pull petals off of flowers to find out which products are perfect for your knots. Use Un.Tangled as your secret weapon to tame those tangles while Repair-Me.Wash and Repair-Me.Rinse leave your hair feeling renewed and restored.

Kevin.Murphy TANGLE ME NOT Pack contains: 

  • Kevin.Murphy Repair-Me Wash 250ml
    Nourish overtaxed hair back to life and make dry, damaged frizzy over-processed hair a thing of the past with this wash full of powerful proteins and amino acids
  • Kevin.Murphy Repair-Me Rinse 250ml
    Repair, renew and restore dry, damaged, frizzy hair with this deeply nourishing and strengthening conditioner that is packed with a powerhouse of proteins and enzymes. 
  • Kevin.Murphy Un.Tangled 150ml
    Leave-in conditioner with a complex blend of 6 highly beneficial Australian Fruit Extracts help to detangle, strengthen and restore the hair to sleek perfection.